4×5 Portrait – Todd Hunter Mcgaw

I’ve been shooting a lot of portraits recently with this ridiculously cumbersome 4×5 large format camera. The film is 10×12.5 cm in size and you can only take one picture at a time. It’s really really slow, but incredibly enjoyable to use. There’s something so nice about slowing down, to the point where it may take anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour just to make a single frame.

Well, here is one of the portraits – Todd.

You probably already know of the man, the mystery, the Todd Hunter Mcgaw (but if you don’t, you should click that link).

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dylan - nicely done mr.beasley :)

alyda - love it jezzy! that’s one good looking fella!

hunter - thanks jb.. you really have a knack for this photography thing ;)

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